Career Framework Program

Welcome to the Career Framework.  As an IT leader or HR representative at UBC we invite you to align your IT team with the Career Framework.  The Career Framework provides Managers, Directors and HR Representatives with a one stop shop to making the recruiting, hiring and career development processes easy and efficient.

The framework provides step by step processes, tools and presentations, templates, resources and information sharing. sharing.


IT at UBC exists in a decentralized environment with over 800 M&P Information Systems &Technology (IS&T) professionals on campus.  A shared Career Framework has been introduced with the goal of providing consistency in titles, responsibilites and competencies for jobs, making it easier for IT Professionals to progress within the overall IT field at UBC.  The pilot program between UBC HR, MedIT, UBC IT O, CTLT and UBC IT has successfully operated for 6 months with over 500 IT professionals aligned to the framework.


Some of the benefits of aligning with the Career Framework are:

  • Greater transparency of the positions that exist within IT at UBC and associated M&P IS&T classification (compensation)
  • The ability to determine what skills and competencies are required to progress within an area of speciality or into a new area of specialty (ladders)
  • A method to identify other individuals within the IT community for opportunities of collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • A means to build your career and those you support within IT at UBC regardless of organizational boundaries within the faculties and departments

How to Get Started

  1. Review the steps explaining how to align with the Career Framework.
  2. To get started or should you have questions, contact Jenny Mackay at 604.827.1659.

Aligning to the Career Framework

The following are the four steps to align with the Career Framework. Click on the “next step” tab at the bottom of this page to proceed to Step One.  At any time, you can move forward and backward through the pages, or move directly to specific steps.