Competency Development Guide

The Competency Development Guide is a professional development tool designed for prospective and current staff members to aid in developing competency proficiency.   For existing staff and their Manager, the Competency Development Guide can help with increased proficiency in relevant competencies for their current position; or in development of new competencies to aid in career development. The Guide also details a variety of learning methods for use on the job, in the classroom or through independent study.

The Guide provides a strategic framework and approach which staff at all levels of the organization can apply to steer their own learning and development as well as in the coaching and development of their staff.

This guide can be used simply as a way to get started, or as a resource to complement other methods of development already being utilized – as applicable to help each individual in fulfilling his or her potential.

Tips for:

Each job within the Career Framework has a defined set of  core competencies as well as unique role based competencies and specific proficiency levels. The following table illustrates the breadth of the spectrum of IT professional competencies, showing how technical skills and knowledge share the basis of career success along with business, management, interpersonal and personal attributes.


Core Role-based
Personal Attributes Interpersonal IT Business Technical Management
Collaboration Accountability Building Relationships Business Enterprise Knowledge Information Systems Knowledge Developing Others
Communication for Results Analytical Thinking Change Advocate Business Process Knowledge Strategic Technology Planning
Problem Solving Initiative

To see what competency proficiency is required for specific jobs, visit the Job Description Templates and locate the position you are interested in.