Step 3 – Collaborative Performance Developing Planning

Now that your M&P IS&T job descriptions are aligned to the career framework, it is time to review newly aligned job description with your employees and set expectations around competencies.   While the competencies are new, it is likely that staff members are already performing at the desired level in order to do their job.  Now is the opportunity to solidify a shared understanding of how those competencies are applied in their day to day work activities.

While this is not a significant change to employee’s job, it would be a good time for the Manager to have a 1:1 to level set expectations.  Different IT organizations have different processes and forms for doing this and that is okay.  A typical process includes:


What the career framework seeks to do is to ensure that the following is included in your process and forms:

  • a section that looks at past performance – how well the employee did against previous goals and competencies
  • a section that sets goals/outcomes for the future review period
  • finally a section that involves the development conversation – what does the employee need to do to develop and be successful in their current position; and secondly what their career aspirations are, and how the manager may assist the staff member in progressing towards their goal.

If your current process and form works well for you, you can simply insert the related competencies by job title and a section for the career development discussion.  You will find both of these here:

Competencies by Job Description

Career Development Section

If you currently do not have a process and form that works for you, you can go to UBC HR – Performance Development site and find a wealth of information and variety of forms for you to consider.   Alternatively, we have also created a form which covers all of the areas (past performance, future goal setting and development plan) You can find it here:

Example Performance Development Planning Form

UBC HR and the IT Career Framework strongly encourages IT groups to:

  • focus less on the form, and more on the day-to-day coaching and mentoring of staff to be successful in their current job and towards a career objective (if the employee wishes to develop into a new role)
  • to encourage employees to self-assess and consider where their strengths and interest lies, and what the employee is wanting to do to support their own career goal.  Wherever possible, the manager could support potentially through job shadowing, collaboration or by introducing the employee to ndividuals within their area of career interest.

In preparation for the 1:1’s between the manager and employee, we have prepared two presentations.  One is for staff, and the other is for Managers.  They are as follows:

Performance Developing Planning Presentation for Managers

Performance Developing PlanningPresentation for Staff

Now that you have held meetings with staff and reviewed their newly aligned job description and competencies expectations through your Performance Development process and documentation, you are ready to work with your staff throughout the year to support their career aspirations.