Competencies – Tips for Employees

Whether your need is to refine or build competencies in your current role, prepare for a new assignment, or bridge gaps for a new job, this Guide will help you identify learning activities, and to create an implementation plan to enhance your effectiveness.

To create a common language for thecompetencies, a definition is provided as well as examples of behaviours organized by proficiency level. A self assessment will help you identify where you are already having success and where to focus your development efforts.

At times, a quick way we can transform our behaviour is simply to recognize what the competency does not look like. We have included a few examples of these behaviours for you to review.

Another way we sharpen our skills is to reflect on how we are performing. You may find the questions included with each competency to be an easy way to focus or refocus your efforts.

The Guide also offers suggestions on a variety of development activities so you can select the ones which best suit your developmental opportunities and preferred style of learning. We also encourage you to explore other self-study learning methods that appeal to you including working with a coach. You can discover more about coaching at:

Also consider learning from others.Learning triangles are a great way to learn from peers. Please contact the Coaching Services Team Lead to discover more about this learning process  . Mentoring is another option you may want to explore.

With a common understanding of what each competency looks like, and the creation of a development plan that will be both personalized and targeted, you are on the pathway to success!