Competencies – Tips for Managers

Sometimes finding time to lead staff, manage the operations and complete personal responsibilities can be a challenge. This Guide can act as a time-saving reference tool to aid you in directing or supporting your staff through the process of establishing a clear and effective personal development plan.

Personal Development Plans are most meaningful when created by the individual who is responsible for making the refinement or change, and are supported by their manager/team lead. A plan can be created or updated at any time:

  • Following a self-evaluation of performance or performance review discussion
  • After performance has been observed and feedback shared
  • When a new task or project will be assigned
  • When staff identify and share their career aspirations.

Be sure to ask your staff what they need from you in order to achieve their development objectives. Each of your staff will require a unique combination of direction (what to do, who to talk to) and support (money, time, opportunities, encouragement). Wherever possible provide staff with what they personally need to achieve their potential.

On-going coaching conversations with staff can be enriched by using this Guide to establish a common language for discussing competencies and performance. This Guide will also help you identify opportunities to support individuals build proficiency on the job in both required and desired competencies, and can be used as a tool for monitoring progress to mastery.

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